A story of values and perspectives


Our Mission

Designing solutions for optimizing the performance of large systems and complex infrastructures during their operational, maintenance, and decommissioning phases.


Partner and influencer in a responsible industry of the future

Our solutions and products influence the design, production, and operation of systems to meet society’s expectations regarding the environment and resource optimization. Our solutions must also enhance our clients’ performance in a sustainable and lasting way.


Actor in the convergence between industrial engineering and digital technology.

We deploy LGM’s business strengths to address current challenges in securing and digitizing the environment of complex systems (documentation, training, spare parts management, maintenance, industrial performance, etc.) in order to offer a comprehensive and high-performing solution for our clients.


From design to production.

As true centers of operational excellence in electronic engineering (secure electronic systems, test benches, embedded networks, radio frequency/high-frequency), LGM Ingénierie and ARELIS design and manufacture critical electronic solutions to address the technological challenges of a safer society.

Our Vision

Continue to grow without losing our identity. Strong growth exposes us to the risk of our values scattering. There is no question that we will lose the simplicity, agility, and humility that characterize us. The experience we promise and offer to our teams must remain the same: human, exciting, diverse, and above all, unique.


The realm of possibilities and personal fulfillment.

We want our employees to be passionate, curious, daring, ambitious, and humble!

So, we have created an environment and tools that allow them to develop their expertise, have the opportunity to take collective and individual initiatives in a setting conducive to experimentation.

Changing sectors, roles, jobs, locations, or subsidiaries, as well as diversifying experiences, specializing, leading, managing, developing… everything is done so that our employees can flourish without ever getting bored


A culture of quality and innovation at all levels.

Innovation is at the heart of the LGM Group’s mission, which aims to make the world cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable through the optimization of systems throughout their lifecycle.

We participate within the R&D ecosystem (IRT, labs…) and collaborate with our clients (POC, POV…) to drive technological breakthroughs in the design and operation of future systems and infrastructure, significantly improving our future quality of life. In particular, the LGM Group positions itself as a pioneer in clean and renewable energy, autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and more.

The President's Message

“Dare, be demanding; at LGM, you can become what you want to be! Join us to take pleasure in improving today’s world and building tomorrow’s.”

Frank WEISER, President of the LGM Group.



The Creation of LGM

The Creation of LGM Consultants, specializing in program management and Integrated Logistics Support, Reliability, and Program Management, and the development of electronic engineering services


The creation of the first overseas subsidiary in the Netherlands, followed by Belgium.

The Group officially showcases its expertise in embedded systems and creates LGM Ingénierie.

NMJ Services joins the LGM Group, specializing in technical documentation writing and illustration and training engineering.

The Cap d'Émile

The Group reaches 1000 employees and expands to other continents: America, Canada, Asia, and India.

NMJ Services becomes LGM Digital and develops solutions for digitizing operations with applications in virtual and augmented reality


Arelis joins the LGM Group to create a leading company in electronic design and production, specializing in secure embedded systems


LGM DIGITAL merges with LGM. The goal: align the Group’s business strengths with current challenges in digitizing support elements

Working at LGM

Joining the Group LGM means becoming part of an international group where employees are offered opportunities for continuous development throughout their careers. Broaden your scope, manage a team, grow, change your profession, acquire new skills…

There are many ways to progress at LGM.

With nearly 50 internal transfers each year, the Group fully embraces the concept of enrichment through versatility! Geographical transitions allow employees to evolve within one of our offices in the provinces (30% of our workforce), or even farther afield in Europe (5%), and even farther, in Canada or India (2%).

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