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Maintenance Engineering

Making systems and equipment more sustainable, maintainable, reusable, and better utilizing them by understanding their weaknesses and how to anticipate them.

Ensuring the coherence and performance of the support system, guaranteeing our clients optimized availability and total cost of ownership.

Kelly, RAMS Engineer

Software Development

Specifying, designing, and developing embedded / standalone application solutions. Developing the solution using a high-level scientific language. Testing and integrating the developed solutions on the chosen platform.

Ken Cedric, Team Leader

Program Management

Participating in the management of one or multiple projects during the design and/or implementation phases, mastering costs, deadlines, quality, risks, and enabling the mobilization of all stakeholders towards a common goal.

Arnaud, Project Management Consultant

HR Manager

Fanny, Responsable RH

Business Line Manager

Nicolas, Responsable de Business Unit


Innovation is at the core of the LGM Group’s purpose, aiming to make the world cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable through the optimization of systems throughout their lifecycle.

We actively participate in the R&D ecosystem (IRT, labs…) and collaborate with our clients (POC, POV…) to drive technological breakthroughs in the design and operation of future systems and infrastructure, leading to a significant improvement in our future living conditions. In particular, the LGM Group positions itself as a pioneer in clean and renewable energy, autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and more.

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Risk Management

Industrial Excellence

Embedded Testing, Trials, and Validation

Electronic Design

Test Benches

Embedded Networks

Systems Engineering

Radiofrequency and Microelectronics

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